Buy Cheap Gold for Kronos 1 & 2 WoW

We sell gold for Kronos 1 & 2 WoW, private Vanilla Classic 1.12 Server - by the popular Twinstar.

Available Gold Packages

Below, on the left, you can find our available packages for Kronos 1 - the first vanilla realm by Twinstar, started back in March 2015.
On the right, the packages displayed are for Kronos 2 - the second realm, launched in April 2016.

Gold for Kronos 1

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Gold for Kronos 2

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The Top 5 Reasons to use Gold4Kronos

1. Extremely Fast Delivery Service

Our farmers are almost always online and ready to deliver your order right away

2. 100% Safe Trading Methods

Our trading methods are 100% Safe - we won't get your account compromised or banned which is not the case as when using our competitors who spam in-game

3. Over 1500+ Transactions Completed!

Ever since Kronos 1 was launched in March 2015, and Kronos2 was launched in April 2016, we successfully completed well over than 1500 gold transactions (and counting) without an issue! Dozens of gold transfers are performed everyday from our side and we are well accustomed into the secrets of the trade

4. Absolutely No Spam & Scam!

As mentioned above - we don't ask for 'Friends & Family' options of payment, we don't deal through forums, and we never spam in-game making your only smart choice for buying gold on both Kronos realms. We rely on on obtaining you as our client by word-of-mouth and referals from our previous satisfied customers - usually your guild mates :P

Not spamming the in-game chat channels and whispers is a MUST for secure trade. Those who spam can easily be traced by the Game Masters.

5. Refund Policy!

If you don't get your purchased gold you will get your money back - that's our guarantee. While we do strive to deliver as fast as possible, even within minutes of your order, our Refund Policy is applicable if it happens that you don't receive the purchased gold within 24 hours.